Shipping Information

Most domestic and international  orders are eligible for FREE standard shipping! Exception are Personal Protection products

ESTIMATED SHIPPING TIMES: Due to Cornavirus Pandemic Shipping can be delayed by our suppliers or Shipping company. Please check with your local shipping company such as USPS, UPS, Fedex.

USA & Canada: 4- 10 business days. 

International: 14 - 21 business days. 

Please see if items are shipped in your country which your shipping times are shorter

QUESTION: Do we ship Personal Protection internationally?

ANSWER: We do ship to other countries, but because of the nature of some of our products, we are not able to ship all of our products. For instance, pepper spray and stun guns are classified as weapons by our government so it takes a few weeks to get the paperwork in order to ship. You also need to consider the laws of the country you are shipping to. Our products are not legal in all countries. 

PLEASE NOTE:Production is up to 3 days and delivery is based on estimated shipping times.